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Supporting single men to Become Dads

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WeLcome to DAd. BE

This site aims to provide information and support for men who wish to become single fathers. We examine the pathways into parenthood for men who choose to be single Dads. 

YOUr Dad Dream is possible

Connect with other  single Dads in the DadBe community forum. Find answers to your questions on our FAQ pages. Ask the questions that will help you become a Dad.

You are not alone

Keep up to date with the latest news in the world of single fatherhood. Read stories from other men who realised their Dad Dream. Tell us about your dream too.



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A Singular Dad Dream

Men that choose to become Dads on their own are fulfilling a life long dream by creating their family their way.


The Solo Dad Dream is a unique parental experience, rooted in the desire of a man to become a father without the need to share the parental role with another.

Too frequently these desires are not often heard about or realised. Current support resources for solo Dads, online and on social media, have been geared towards helping existing solo Dads navigate the fatherly changes resulting when a close parental partnership ends. As such, the 'mainstream' single Dad narrative often starts with a man coming to terms with separation or negotiating parenting with someone they were once close to. Crucially these fathers did *not* seek to become single Dads before their children were born.   


Dad. Be reflects a different path to parenthood. This resource is about recognising and inspiring men who choose to be single 'solo' Dads, *before* they have become fathers. This site examines the paths to parenthood for UK men who are going it alone from the outset - who wish to make their Dad Dream a reality. At the same time, our ethos is to connect all single Dads, no matter how they got there. This is because being a single Dad, in any form, is an lived experience for many men in the UK that we at Dad. Be would like to support.


Juliane Lieberman


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Being the biological Dad of their own child is an imperative that many men feel naturally drawn to. Our biological clocks tick just as loudly! Surrogacy laws now allow us this option for legal, biological solo fatherhood in the UK.



Being a Dad to a child is more than just biology. Fatherhood is about raising a child with the values important to you.  
Becoming the father of a child through adoption has been an option for single men for many years.



A Dad should be a role model. Single men might consider guiding and supporting a child when their own parents are unable to do so. Foster Dads are able to guide and protect some of the most vulnerable children in society. 


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