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Being single is not a barrier to adoption. Find out below more information about this wonderful route to parenthood. 

Who can adopt? *

  • Any sexuality

  • Single, married or in a stable long-term relationship

  • From any ethnic or religious background

  • over 21 (there is no upper age limit)

  • must have permnent residence in UK

  • must have lived int he UK forat least 1 year.

  • renter or home owner


* Individual adoption agencies will have additional criteria on what  they are looking for in their adopters.

How to start?

 If you want to adopt in the UK you must go through an adoption agency. There are several key parts to the journey.

1) its best to get as much information as possible from local adoption agencies in your areas.

2) After you contact the agency they will want to meet you, before giving you an application form.

During this process you are placed in a pool of potential adopters. This process will take several months and the agency will need to make sure you can provide a loving and supporting home for the child.

3) You may want to attend some information sessions with your local council or adoption agencies.


The Asessment Process

4) Following the initial information finding phase, whichever agency you choose will want to gain further information on you. You will be invited to a series of preparations sessions with other potential adopters.

5) After this you you will be assigned a social worker who and over a period of four months will get to know you and assess your strengths.

6) You will be given a full medical, a police check and asked for the name of 3 referees.

7) All the information from the previous steps will be put towards an adoption panel which will work with the local authority in matching you to a child. 

8) After you have been matched with a child, s/he will come to visit and spend increasing amounts of time with you in your home.

9) If all goes well the child will move in at some point. You are then able to apply for a parental order to gain legal parental rights .


Follow our news page to find some inspiring stories of single dads that have adopted.


“Please shut out any negativity you come across. If you believe you can be the best parent to a child in need then go for it. Your forever family is waiting.”

Thomas Anderson first single gay adopter in Scotland

Becoming Dad

KEY points


Single men in the UK can adopt. You don't need to own your own home and you can be gay or straight.


The process can take from between 6 months and two years until you find the right match


An agency can't charge a fee when you apply to adopt. Although there maybe small fees for court applications or arranging a police check.

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