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Solo men can provide a loving home for a fostered child. Depending on the type of foster care, you can support a child for one night or for many years.

Who can foster? *

  • Any sexuality

  • Single, married or in a stable long-term relationship

  • From any ethnic or religious background

  • over 21 (there is no upper age limit)

  • must have permnent residence in UK

  • must have lived int he UK forat least 1 year.

  • renter or home owner


* Individual foster agencies will have additional criteria on what  they are looking for in their adopters.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Fostering Process

Like adoption, if you want to foster in the UK you must go through an agency or even your local council. There are several key parts to the journey.

1) Research as much information as possible from local fostering agencies in your area.

2) After you contact the agency/council they will want to meet you, before giving you an application form. They will also want to conduct a police check on you and anyone in your home who is over 18.

4) You will attend a group session with other people who are applying to foster.

5) Over the next 4-6 months your suitability to be a foster carer will be assessed.

6) When the agency or council have completed this assessment process your application will be sent to an independent fostering panel to approve you for fostering

7) The council or agency will then make the final decision on your becoming a foster carer,

KEY facts


Anyone can foster as long as you have a spare room and are over 21 (and pass a DBS check). What's important is the the qualities you have to care for the child.


The process can take from between 4-6 months until you are approved for foster care. Foster children may be any age and some many have special needs.


Foster carers are given an allowance to help with the cost of raising children. This can be between £152 - £231 a week depending on the age of your children and your location.

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