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20 week scan

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

16th March 2020 - Leicester

It has been a long road to get this far, and even now I can hardly believe it but I am a 20 week old Dad.

The night before the scan, I cooked curry for everyone and realised as Faye was eating my meal that I was feeding my baby too. This was the first meal I would ever cook for it.

At the scan I saw its body in amazing detail. All the parts were there. So precious and fragile and wriggling around. I asked for the gender and saw the proof. Boy. And my son suddenly burned bright and bold in silver lines on the screen. I looked at his body again and this time saw his spine, his femur, his fingers, and his nose.

I saw his heart. The four chambered valves, pulsing in coordinated life giving movements, pushing around the blood that Faye was oxygenating for him. As a team we did a good job of oxygenating each other, passing around the O2 masks whenever it got too tough, or too unknown. We all wanted to it work and it did and I couldn't describe how happy I felt.

We're over half way there.And none of this would be possible without the Spreadburys.

Watkins for Spreadbury.

I am so desperate to meet him now. I have an uncontrollable desire to bring him home. Every day he is not here is an eternity. He doesn’t know who I am yet, but I’m watching out for him and for Team Squirrel. I want him to be a bloody rebel, to take risks and defy the pain that has always made me fearful of doing the wrong thing. .... But what I want and who he is are two separate chapters in a book I haven't written yet. Whoever he becomes will be of his making. And I can't wait for him to show me.


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