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Clinic visit

Updated: May 27, 2020

Rewind to last week when I ventured up to London for bloods in advance of new embryos, at my chosen (finally) fertility clinic. Was blindsided for an instance by a slight glimmer of hope for my 3 popsicles Janeway, Prince and Alaska (my 3 embies in Finland). Clinic is going to do some digging to see if there is any way they can be exported. Massive chink of hope- god rays shining down- angels sing... it’s honestly unlikely, but it's the first time someone has said to me that they could possibly be used. I keep thinking how cold they are!

In lieu of me taking pictures with my thumbs up in the fertility clinic I thought one of me having just been knocked down on Oxford Street might suffice. Confusion reigns, with several cyclist trying to run me over, then taxis trying to run them over, then people running over each other to get in the taxi. Cyclist kills pedestrian; taxi kills cyclist; pedestrians attack taxi. It's like rock paper scissors.

The surrogacy journey almost ended here. Where is the pavement? Where do you cross? Who has right of way? - Difficult when playing games on phone to concentrate.

Moving just waiting to be 'matched' (?) now with egg donor. Having split all my investigations between NHS and clinic - I have forgotten to do a urine sample. I'm wondering if I can just drop this off? And I've had my counselling session for IPs who use donor eggs. Genetic sexual attraction is not something I had ever thought about, neither do I want to think about. Apparently it’s a thing. Rare, but a thing they are duty bound to mention. It is the phenomenon of siblings created through the same egg donor, separated by birth from different IVF cycles and reconnecting through the wonder of online dating. It is a real thing apparently that we can be genetically attracted to our family members when we do not know that we are biologically related to them .Having a potential child using an egg donor who would have donated before and created multiple families I need to be aware of this. How many other half brothers and sisters will be child have.? And will they ever come into contact them?


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