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Entry #16: Egg Donor Found!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Thursday 19th November 2020

This week was my Birthday week as I turned 34 on Monday the 16th of November. I had made a decision many years ago that I wanted to start my surrogacy adventure around the age of 35, and here I was, a year ahead and, fully immersed in the wonderful world of friendship first, altruistic surrogacy in the UK. I was not looking forward to this milestone this year, having been a tumultuous year (in more ways than one). I was surrounded by love and truly spoiled by my friends and family. However, this time around, a large piece of my life was missing. But this sadness was soon replaced by elation on Thursday the 19th of November when I checked my e-mails on my lunch break.

A message from my clinic, CRGH, informed me that the Egg Recipient Team had an egg donor who I may find suitable. The donation would be for fresh eggs and I would be the exclusive recipient. It was no secret that this news was the birthday present that I had wished for and lifted my spirits to new heights. Finally, my surrogacy adventure felt like it was taking shape. No longer was I undergoing routine tests to confirm my own fertility, but I was now in a position where my future child was no longer half a person. They would soon become one.

At this point, the egg donor has been seen by one of the clinic's consultants and she has had the necessary investigations, with some of the results still currently pending. The clinic assured me that should there be any concerns when the results come back, they will get in touch with me immediately. Furthermore, they will be aiming to start stimulation with her in January. 

The clinic provided me with non-identifying details of the egg donor. I know that she is 31 years old with blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and olive skin. Her ethnicity is classified as White European and she currently has no children of her own. She is a corporate receptionist and her interests include theatre, nature, animals, and books. 

I didn’t need very long to contemplate the offer and replied with my acceptance within the hour. For a brief moment, I had to consider the gravity of this person being the other half of my child. Was I happy with her hair colour, eye colour, her height, and weight? However, on very careful reflection, it didn’t really matter. As long as she was healthy, and there were no concerns from the clinic, it wouldn’t matter who my donor was. I know I will love my children no matter who their donor may be.

The next step is to return to CRGH in London on Friday the 4th of December for my post quarantine blood tests to release my semen sample for embryo creation in the New Year.

Keeping the Dad dream alive!

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