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Entry #4: Why So Single?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I have always been open about my desire to be a father, especially with those who I have dated. In fact, It has been the litmus test for identifying potential partners. But why am I telling you this when I am contently single. Well, that’s simple, I never imagined that I would be a single father. Why would you want to be alone, when a partner could also be there through the good times, support you through the tough times, and share and embrace the fun times. From a purely logistical perspective, there is potentially better financial stability with two, not to mention twice the amount of love.

I met my previous partner in the late summer of 2015. The usual conversations took place. I expressed my interest in having a family one day and this was reciprocated. It was also comforting that they had children through a previous relationship. However, after a 4 and a half year, happy relationship, they had changed their mind. At first, I was sad and disappointed. Everything we had done in the previous years was building up to one day extending our family. All the little things, the mundane house improvements, all small steps towards fatherhood. For me at least. With rational judgment, I accepted that people change their minds. New perspectives replace old ideals. Once again I found myself single. However, I now had a renewed focus.

At no point had my dream wavered or waned. But this time was different. Whilst before I anticipated that my dream would be shared with another, I was now content in the knowledge that being single was fine. Better than fine, in fact. I would be free to make all the decisions, and more importantly, I knew deep down that I possessed the confidence to move forward with my dream. It was time to dig out that old file, dust off, and update the documentation and get to work.

Until next time, keeping the Dad dream alive!

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