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Growing Families Conference

Whilst DadBe focuses on support and advice for becoming a dad in the UK, there are of course international routes to this. Growing Families is one such organisation that brings together opportunities towards becoming a father that start overseas. Here we give details about their upcoming London conference.

In their own words:

"The non-profit Growing Families has been running family building education for UK nationals since its first London conference in 2014. The organisation is hosting a one day Conference in London on 19 March for intended parents from around UK & Europe to meet with pre-screened providers of egg donor, legal, migration, counselling and surrogacy services in one place. The event brings together GLBTI and heterosexual parents, their children, intended parents and professionals from around the globe. Focused on information, support and acceptance, the events’ popularity lies in its honesty - putting parents and surrogates front and centre sharing their real-life journeys. For full info see"


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