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The Stork and I

David from Dad.Be appears on a Season 3 episode of the fantastic solo mum by choice podcast The Stork and I, being interviewed by Mel Johnson.

listen here

This podcast series is a detailed look at all things related to the experiences of single women who become solo mothers. David was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to an episode to share his experiences and views from the dad perspective of the solo parent journey.

He describes his journey to fatherhood, from his experiences as a teacher and observations of fathers at school, to a coparenting journey with a friend and then by detailing his route to fatherhood through surrogacy. He also talks about his new son Miles, the challenges of being a new parent during lockdown and the creation of Dad.Be

Whilst there are some differences between the solo dad and solo mum paths to parenthood there are also many universal truths about the experiences of men and women who choose to raise have and raise children alone.

To listen to more episodes of this incredible series go here (for Apple podcasts)

The Stork and I can also be found on

Instagram: @the_stork_and_i


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